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Sightlines, Inc.


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Sightlines, Inc.

Sightlines has experience

  • Over 35 years experience in the spectator seating industry.

Sightlines Solves Problems

  • Critical issue analysis

  • Custom designs to fit your site

  • Emphasis on safety and maintenance

  • Complete budget estimates

  • Detailed implementation schedules

  • An enhanced quality control program

  • Manufacturer, engineer and contractor are one in the same

Sightlines is a Resource

  • Design and engineering experience

  • Code and ADA interpretation

  • Specifications in CSI format

  • Visual aids for your presentations

  • We know how architects and engineers work

  • We have a good understanding of other trades and how they relate to your project

  • We understand the administrative process you perform on a daily basis

  • We are an AIA Continuing Education Provider

Sightlines is technologically advanced

  • Unique designs that fit customers’ needs

  • Unlimited sightline options

  • All products are manufactured using maintenance free materials

  • Ridged aluminum decking systems compatible to that of concrete

  • Color options

  • Permanent seat marking system

  • Unique VIP flip-up stadium chairs

  • Expanded areas beneath grandstands

  • Standard and heavy duty bleacher systems

  • Various price ranges

Permanent Grandstand Understructures

  • Structural square tube columns for cleaner look

  • Hot dipped galvanized understructures for extended life of stadium vs paint or powder coating.

  • Ability to span large areas

  • Ability to span existing structures

  • Additional space underneath for storage or buildings

  • Can be installed on hillsides or reverse hillsides.

  • Gives you design flexibility

  • Dramatically increases number of rows over standard angle frame understructures

  • Understructure at grade areas can be used as egress from grandstand or buildings.

Press Boxes

  • Your press box is a significant investment.  Accelerated construction (pre-fab) can deliver a completed building in a fraction of the time.

  • Off-site construction minimizes site disruptions.

  • Our manufacturer has been in operation for 65 years and has the experience to deliver a press box of exceeding quality.

  • Modular press boxes saves an average of 30-50%.

  • Volume purchasing power + factory efficiencies = significant savings.

  • A sure fire way to control cost overruns.

  • Modular Press Boxes insure minimal campus disruption and student safety.  Students in a construction zone is never an ideal situation.

  • Custom press boxes can be designed to your specifications.

  • Rapid set-up and finish out of building – less than a day.

  • Experienced and professional staff of industry experts.

  • Lack of weather delays and vandalism.

  • On site-preparation can already be well underway while your press box is in the manufacturing stage.

  • Sightlines ability to offer customized press boxes allows the customer far more flexibility than our site-built competitors.

Tredweld Plus™ Decking System

  • Code compliant markers with no external fasteners.

  • No threaded fasteners through the decking at any location creating the "cleanest" look in the industry.

  • All stairs and aisle steps are designed with 1/2" overhang for added safety.

  • Unique one-piece platforms for added rigidity.

  • Completely closed egress stairs.

  • All threaded hardware is stainless steel or galvanized.

  • Fluted walking surface for added safety.

  • All maintenance is done on the top side of the decking system.

  • All accessory connections are from the top side of the decking system.

  • No-gap riser design eliminates trash collecting.

  • Beveled threshold splice covers eliminate tripping hazards.

  • Contrasting aisle and entrance stairs incorporate contrasting nose markers.

  • Smooth stair grabrail transition to grade.

  • End caps completely close all ends of extrusions.

  • Bench seating can be upgraded to our Venue I chair seating with no modifications to the deck or understructure.

Welded Decking System

  • Rigid solid deck that is comparable to concrete.

  • Does not require the annual maintenance required of concrete.

  • Proven System. This system has been around since the 1980's.

  • Eliminates trash build-up commonly found between the footboards of a standard designed grandstand and designed to minimize maintenance.

  • Eliminates insect infestation, stench, and possibility of fire created with litter and water shields.

  • Minimizes water leakage.

  • Slope of 1% directs water and clean-up to the front of the stand.

  • Reduces the amount of erosion under grandstand caused by standard decking designs.

  • No oil-canning of the deck as is commonly found in aluminum and steel plate decks.

  • All welded is in a controlled factory environment.

  • All joint sleeve inserts have a structural threshold far spanning comparable closed or interlocking decking systems.

  • Eliminates rattle commonly found between closed or interlocking decking systems.

  • Top-side welded seams create a top-side seal, thus eliminating channels or valleys. Prevents water from seeping into concealed crevices that will lead to splitting and cracking of deck members during the freeze/thaw cycle.

  • Drip edge on riser portion of system creates a shingle effect to push water toward the front of the structure.

  • Risers are mechanically fastened six inches on center creating a complete structural system. Also eliminates rattle between riser and horizontal deck members caused by heel kicking and foot stomping by spectators.

  • Designed to give you the option of riser mounted benches and chairs to aid in the cleaning of the grandstand.

  • All welds are factory cleaned prior to shipment to prevent those non-removeable black water stains.

  • Normal joint spacing of 37'6" versus the normal concrete joint spacing of 28' and 24' of other welded deck systems.

  • All fasteners on decking system are concealed. Avoids hole elongation of bolt through design on aluminum plate deck because of expansion and contraction.

  • Will not rust unlike galvanized steel plate decks.

Venue I Chairs

  • Gravity-activated seat pan

  • Internal quieting bumper

  • All welded one-piece steel stanchions & armrest supports

  • Finish matches grandstand components

  • Seat, pan and armrest is blow molded plastic

  • Color throughout the plastic

  • Multiple school colors available

  • No gap in warranty between grandstand and chair manufacturer

  • Grandstand and Chair manufacturer are the same

  • Upgrade your Tredweld Plus™ Decking without any modifications to structure or deck.


Standard & Custom Bleachers

Exclusive Stabilization Bar for our Tip N’ Roll Bleacher.

  • Prevents overturning while in storage position.

  • Easy to connect and disconnect.

Heavy-Duty All-Aluminum Understructure—3 Times Stiffer and 6 Times Stronger than our Competition.

  • 2-1/2” x 2” horizontal members.

  • 2” x 1-1/2” vertical members.

  • Cross-braced in transverse bays for increase rigidity.

  • Aluminum alloy 6061-T6 mill finish materials for increased tinsel strength.

  • 20% more material.

  • All mating parts are seam-welded. (Link to picture)

  • All welds cleaned after fabrication. (Comparison Picture)

Increased Seatboard and Footboard Leg Height to 1-3/4”.

  • Reduces deflection.

  • Eliminates any issues of extrusion failure.

  • Patrons feel safer with reduced deflection.

Positive Seatboard and Footboard Connections.

  • Internal aluminum connection clips, with memory.

  • Additional shake-proof washers to provide maintenance-free connections after installation.

Heavy-Duty End Caps

  • Match in both color and finish to the aluminum seatboards and footboards.

  • Single, full length design provides additional stability.

  • Friction fit for a positive connection.

Heavy-Duty Guard Rail System.

  • Rear corner rail connector for continuous railing system.

  • Snag-free design.

  • Schedule 40 aluminum pipe with clear anodized finish.

  • Cast aluminum plugs and fittings.

  • 9ga. Chain link fencing.

Closed Aisle System.

  • Completely closes the horizontal plane of the aisle.

  • Contrasting nose marker for safety. (Link to picture)

  • Intermediate aisle handrail for comfort and safety.

  • Made of the same schedule 40 anodized aluminum pipe as the guardrailing.

Safety is in the Design.

  • Fluted non-skid walking surfaces. (Link to picture of planking)

  • Contrasting nose markers on stairs and aisle access ways. (Link to picture)

  • Snag-free guardrailings.

  • Engineered for heavy loads transmitted to the understructure.

  • Complies with your state and local codes.




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