Tredweld Plus™ Decking System
The most innovative Decking System in over 20 years

Tredweld Plus™ Decking System

"They said it couldn't be done, but we were too busy doing it to listen..."

Since the 1970's aluminum grandstand decking systems have basically been built the same way. Now there's the Tredweld Plus™ Decking System - a revolutionary, proprietary technology that allows us to produce components that are amazingly uniform. Our new decking panels are stronger, more durable and incredibly consistent throughout, with virtually no noticeable deflection. The result is a decking system that is truly built to last. Tredweld Plus™ technology also allows us to install seating and handrail components using top-side attachment methods from the entry stairs to the aisle handrails. Try to find this level of precision on any other grandstand. With the Tredweld Plus™ process, we have the technology that will revolutionize the grandstand industry. More importantly, you can have the best-built grandstand decking system in the country. Contact us today because the Tredweld Plus™ is like nothing you've ever seen.

Tredwled Plus Decking System

"What makes the Tredweld Plus™ Decking System different than the rest?"

View the slide show below to see the many new and exciting features offered with the Tredweld Plus™ Decking System.

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No-Gap Risers

The no-gap riser design eliminates trash build-up.
The cleanest design in the industry.
Upgrade the decking configuration at any time.
All maintenance is from the top side of the grandstand.

No penetration of hardware

There is no penetration of hardware through the decking system.
All maintenance is from the top side of the grandstand.
This also eliminates elongated holes from through-bolting of decking system.

Open Space
Contrasting Markers

These contrasting nose markers in the aisles and stair systems are not only code compliant but safe.
No external fasteners are used to attach these black anodized markers.

Closed Egress

Completely closed egress stairs is the cleanest and safest design in the industry.
This design eliminates trash build-up and also incorporates a 1/2" overhang for safety and code compliance.

Beveled Thresholds

Our exclusive beveled thresholds eliminate tripping hazards found in other splicing methods.
Clean and code compliant.

Venue I Chair Seating

Bench seating can be upgraded to our Venue I Chair Seating without any modifications to the decking system, including no through bolting of the decking system.
(Row depth must be code compliant to chair requirements at time of purchase).

Top Side Maintenance

All of the maintenance to the Tredweld Plus™ Decking System is done from the top side.
Eliminate the risk of using lifts and ladders by specifying the Tredweld Plus™ Decking System.

Features and Benefits of the
Tredweld Plus™ Decking System

(The Tredweld Plus™ Decking System includes all of the product advantages in the
welded decking system plus all of the upgrades below.)

  • Code compliant markers with no external fasteners.

  • No threaded fasteners through the decking at any location creating the "cleanest" look in the industry.

  • All stairs and aisle steps are designed with 1/2" overhang for added safety.

  • Unique one-piece platforms for added rigidity.

  • Completely closed egress stairs.

  • All threaded hardware is stainless steel or galvanized.

  • Fluted walking surface for added safety.

  • All maintenance is done on the top side of the decking system.

  • All accessory connections are from the top side of the decking system.

  • No-gap riser design eliminates trash collecting.

  • Beveled threshold splice covers eliminate tripping hazards.

  • Contrasting aisle and entrance stairs incorporate contrasting nose markers.

  • Smooth stair grabrail transition to grade.

  • End caps completely close all ends of extrusions.

  • Bench seating can be upgraded to our Venue I chair seating with no modifications to the deck or understructure.




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