Custom Bleachers

When usable space underneath the grandstand or bleacher is not an issue or consideration, our custom bleachers are the answer to your seating needs.

Give us a flat and level surface and we can build a bleacher to virtually any size and configuration you desire.

Framework of our custom bleachers is unique to the industry. You can pick from our TSA series, a vertical aluminum square tube with angle horizontal members. We also offer our DLW series which is all aluminum angle. One of our unique features of these understructures is that we weld the seams all the way around instead of our competition's preference of welding on only one side.

The design of these bleachers is limited only by your needs and the amount of area available.

Pressbox buildings can be supported utilizing the same economical understructure as the bleacher.

Custom Bleacher

Rise per row and tread depth can be in many different combinations to suit your desires and code requirements.

The decking systems for our custom bleachers can be as simple as double footboards and risers (semi-closed), to a welded decking system, to even our Tredweld Plus™ decking system.

Custom Bleacher
Custom Bleacher


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