How much does a grandstand cost per seat?

The majority of designers calculate grandstand seating based on a price per seat.  This was correct twenty five years ago when all row depths were the same and the industry was manufacturing basically the same product.  Today the price should be based on cost per square foot along with several other factors including handicap requirements, rise per rows, color, materials etc. Our Grandstand Calculator can help you determine a budget price.

I would like color on my grandstand, what is the best way to accomplish this?

Powder coating is the preferred process for color in the industry.  A good rule of thumb is to only put color on items that you will not touch, therefore color on surfaces such as riser boards, entrance stair rises and aisle risers is acceptable and this will give you more than enough aesthetics.  Stay away from seat boards, handrails and understructures.  Use anodized aluminum on your seat boards and handrails.  Use only hot dipped galvanized finish on the understructure.

Do I need a soil test?

Soil conditions are the most overlooked item when it comes to planning a grandstand project.  An owner should appropriate money for a soil test prior to receiving pricing, thus eliminating any surprises.  If you assume a soil bearing capacity of somewhere between 2,500 and 3,000 psf. and the soil test comes back lower then expect delays and an increase in cost.

I would like to incorporate buildings underneath my grandstand, can this be done?

One of the advantages of a clear span I-Beam understructure is that various buildings can become part of the project or can be added at a later date. Knowing that buildings will be included let us design column spacing and heights to accommodate your needs.

Do your grandstands meet code?

Yes, Initial designs are formulated using the International Building Code (IBC) and we work closely with state and local officials to ensure that your grandstand is compliant. In addition, all structures are designed by a registered structural engineer and all approval drawings shall bear his stamp for your state.

I would like a preferred seating area in my grandstand, what is available?

There are several options available depending on the row depth.  To distinguish your VIP section from the rest of the grandstand we offer our Venue I Stadium Chair, bench seating with backs or engraved seat and row numbers.

How many feet or inches above the ground do my seats need to be in order for the spectators to see the playing field?

We have a formula that will tell you exactly the height above grade your seats will need to be for everyone to have a proper sightline.  The formula takes into consideration distance from playing field, the rise from one row to another, the depth from one row to another among other items.  All this information is incorporated in your grandstand design.

I am not sure how many seats I need and I don’t what to guess, how can you help?

Sightlines can perform a seating capacity analysis for your organization.  Through a series of questions and interviews we can give an accurate recommendation for seating capacity.

This is our first attempt to design and build a grandstand structure. Do you have any organizational tools that could help us?

Yes.  SAF’s Project Manual was created as an organization tool for administrators.  All aspects of your project will be addressed and communicated clearly within each section of the manual.  The manual was also designed as a vehicle to start the implementation process.

Not only must our seating sections function properly, but we are searching for a company that can show their ability to perform. We have had problems in the past with other companies. What do you do different?

All areas of function, material, maintenance and safety (mobility) will be addressed within SAF’s project manual.  A job reference section is provided along with resume of key personnel.

Do we have to have handicap areas within our grandstand?

Yes. Your grandstand design must take into consideration The Americans with Disabilities Act.  All of our designs have handicap seating areas and entrances that will comply with ADA.

Our grandstand will be constructed on a hillside. How do we address erosion?

We are the industry leader on providing products that solve customer’s needs.  In this case we would recommend the Tredweld Plus™ Decking System which is fully closed and is designed with a one percent slope to divert water to the front of the stand, thus preventing erosion.

We can only enter the grandstand from the rear. Can this be done?

YesWe can design your grandstand with spectators entering and exiting from the rear of the grandstand through portals (vomitories).  This is a fairly simple process with the use of a Clear Span I-Beam understructure.

Press Boxes

Who is Sightlines Athletic Facilities LLC

Sightlines Athletic Facilities LLC’s business is Grandstands, Bleachers, Benches and Press Boxes.  Founded in 1995 with offices in Crestwood, Kentucky.  A full service company with unique products that solve customers needs.  We are the leading supplier of permanent grandstands and press boxes for high schools and colleges around the country.  Our pre-engineered structures allow us to provide units without sacrificing architectural appeal.

What is pre-fabricated & pre-engineered?

It is just a different method of building press boxes.  Pre fabrication construction employs factory techniques to improve quality, shorten manufacturing time and reduce costs.  While it is not quite an assembly line approach to manufacturing buildings, the economies of scale, increased worker efficiencies and reduction of delays from weather or vandalism add up to greater speed at less cost.

How does a pre-fabricated press box look?

You drive by modular buildings every day.  A press box can look like any other building around.  Exteriors and Interiors can be as wide ranging as any other style of construction.  Because of the efficiencies of modular construction you may be able to upgrade either the interior or exterior look.

What is the Construction Process like?

SAF helps you arrive at a floor plan, helps with material selections, creates drawings to obtain the necessary government approvals and to make sure the finished press box is delivered, assembled and finished the way you expect.

What other options do you offer?

There is a vast array of option available – see Options page

Can we buy direct?

Yes.  We have the experience to represent you at every step of the process.  We save you considerable time, money and headaches.  Anyone who has built a home knows the complexity of the process, so we can get more done faster for less.  It is simply the most efficient way to go.

Do I need an architect?

We have an experienced in-house design and engineering staff which alleviates the need for architects.  We do, however work very closely with architects and value their services.

How long does construction take?

wo months, maybe three, perhaps longer for more complicated press boxes.  For example, we have standard model press boxes that can be fabricated and installed in less than six weeks.  If your needs are more elaborate it takes a moth or two to design the press box, choose colors and obtain approvals.  After that, construction takes a week or two and on-site assembly with the understructure a week or so.  It is a relatively rapid process.  If fact, we can begin construction of your press box while you are preparing the site.

What size press boxes can be manufactured?

They range from small 8’ x 12’ boxes to large two or three story units with thousands of square feet.

Do the building codes limit the size of my press box?

No, however the current codes require handicap accessibility on any one story building over 500 square feet.  To meet this ADA requirement you may have to incorporate a wheelchair lift or an elevator.

Do your press boxes meet code?

Yes.  In many cases they exceed today’s codes by offering greater energy efficiencies and weather resistance.  They are designed to meet International Building Codes and fire safety rules as well.

Does transportation of the finished building eat up other savings?

No.  The cost of transporting the press box to your site is quoted with the initial price.  Old-style builders also transport materials and supplies to the site.  The difference is that their materials are vulnerable to theft and vandalism while they await use.

Do I need a soil test?

Pricing is based on an assumed soil bearing pressure of 2,500 psf.  A soil test will have to be preformed prior to the start of engineered drawings.

I would like my press box to have heating and air conditioning. Is this possible?

Yes. Standard units are quoted with minimal baseboard heat.  Heating and or air conditioning can be added at a reasonable cost – See Options page

Standard Product

What payment options do you accept?

We accept Visa/MC/AMEX on our standard product site https://www.sightlinesbleachers.com, Net-30 terms for Federal/State/Local organizations, check. Pre-paid orders by check prior to shipment.

How long after I place my order will I receive my product?

Our lead time is normally 2-3 weeks after the order/payment is received. 72-hour and expedited shipment is available for certain items by request only.

How are the bleachers and benches shipped and will I need special equipment to unload?

The bleachers and benches are shipped via LTL Freight services. Smaller benches can be shipped via UPS or FedEX. Since you are buying an all aluminum product, all materials can be unloaded by hand. No special equipment is needed.

If I need customer service who do I call?

800-609-1545 or email sales@sightlinesinc.com

Where are your products shipped from?

The products are shipped from our Alabama manufacturing plant.

What other products do you offer?

We are committed to only selling bleachers, benches, press boxes, and tables. Unlike our competition, we have made it our business to be the experts in bleachers and all our aluminum products.

Do you offer installation services?

In certain areas of the country installation is available. Please call 800-609-1545 for more information.

Can I install these products myself?

Yes, click here for a copy of our installation instructions. By following these instructions (also sent with your order), installation can be accomplished by unskilled personnel.

How can I be sure I am ordering a quality product?

Quality is our number one priority. Click here for a copy of our quality control program.

I live in Italy, can I order from your site?

Sorry, we only ship to the lower 48 states.

What State and Local Codes should I be aware of?

Our bleachers are built to meet the current IBC (International Building Code).  There is better than a 99.9% chance that your state and local building codes follow the IBC.

How can I avoid ordering a bleacher with guardrailing around the back and sides?

The only bleachers we offer without guardrails or aisles are our Low-Rise bleachers (PN: LDLW). The current code you are under requires an aisle and guardrail unless the height of the rear seat is less than 30”. All bleachers above four rows must have a guardrail.

Why do I need an aisle in my 5 row bleacher?

The current code you are under requires an aisle unless certain exceptions are taken including the height of the rear seatboard. This means any bleacher over 4 rows high must have an aisle.

Why do I need an aisle in my 5 row bleacher?

The current code you are under requires an aisle unless certain exceptions are taken including the height of the rear seatboard. This means any bleacher over 4 rows high must have an aisle.

What is anodized aluminum and why do I need it?

Anodizing is a clear coating that is applied immediately after our aluminum planks are extruded that prohibits the aluminum from oxidizing. Mill finish aluminum is constantly oxidizing and produces a black film that will adhere to your skin and clothing.  All of the areas of your bench or bleacher that you can touch with your hand will be anodized to provide for a clean surface and prevent staining of your clothing and hands.

Can I save money shipping to a commercial address?

Yes, commercial addresses are significantly less expensive since most commercial addresses have access for Semi-truck LTL loads or turn-around areas.

I noticed that some companies sell bleachers that don’t have aisles or multiple footboards, why don’t you offer this type of product?

All we do is aluminum bleachers and benches. Over the last couple of years the building codes you are under require vertical aisles and double footboards. Our competitors sell a vast array of products that are not related to bleachers and evidently are not up to speed on what the current code requirements are.

Why is your pricing often lower than your competitors offering a similar product?

We think our name, Sightlines Bleachers, tells it all. You are buying direct from the manufacturer and no middle-man commissions are included in your pricing. Bleachers and benches are all we do!!

Can I get color on my bleacher?

Yes, we offer powder coating for the riser portion of the bleacher at an additional cost.  We strongly do not recommend powder coating seatboards. Powder coating aluminum may not be your best option.

Are your frames bolted or welded together?

Our frames are seam welded by AISC Certified welders. Seam welding is a weld that goes all the way round any joint or attachment. All mating parts will be welded on all sides. Most manufacturers weld on one side only to cut down on labor costs, which will reduce the quality of product you are purchasing.

What type of tools do I need to assemble my bleacher/bench?

Common hand tools will be enough to assemble your bleacher. Click here for some installation tips.

How do I place an order?

You can place your order and pay via credit card through our online store. You may also issue a purchase order and fax to 502-241-1990 (Federal, State and Local organizations), send your order to us along with a check or give us a call for more information. 800-609-1545. Pre-paid orders can be emailed to sales@sightlinesinc.com or faxed (502-241-1990) with a check to follow prior to shipment.

The product I am interested in is not listed on your site, who do I call for more information?

Call 800-609-1545, email sales@sightlinesinc.com

What is your return policy?

We accept returns within 30 days of receipt. The customer is responsible for return shipping and a 10% restocking fee.

I need a rush on my order, can my order be shipped sooner than advertised?

Yes, in most cases, please call 800-609-1545 or email sales@sightlinesinc.com.