Custom Bleachers

When usable space underneath the grandstand or bleacher is not an issue or consideration, our custom bleachers are the answer to your seating needs.

Give us a flat, level surface, and we can build a bleacher to virtually any size and configuration you desire.

Product Advantages

Framework of our custom bleachers is unique to the industry. Our TSA series offers a vertical aluminum square tube with angle horizontal members. Our DLW series offers an all-aluminum angle. One of our unique features of these understructures is that we weld the seams all the way around instead of our competition's preference of welding on only one side.
The design of these bleachers is limited only by your needs and the amount of area available.
Pressbox buildings can be supported utilizing the same economical understructure as the bleacher.
Rise per row and tread depth can be in many different combinations to suit your desires and code requirements.
The decking systems for our custom bleachers can be as simple as double footboards and risers (semi-closed), to a welded decking system, to even our Tredweld Plus™ decking system.

SAF Standard Bleachers

When there is a need for portable or transportable bleachers, Sightlines Athletic Facilities LLC has the answer. SAF offers two choices of all-aluminum construction. Our (DLW or DLWE) series offers aluminum angle design with all components being welded together. Our (TSA or TSAE) series offers aluminum square tube and angle design with all components being welded together. Both series have been engineered to meet the toughest codes (current IBC codes). Add anodized aluminum seat planks and mill finish foot planks to any of these frames to form a lightweight, maintenance-free unit for years of service.

All of these bleachers are part of our standard product line and can be purchased online at

Transportable Bleachers

All series of SAF bleachers can be constructed as transportable models with tongue guides and wheel sleeves attached. This transportable option will allow you to move seating to different locations around your immediate facility for various activities. This option is not intended for over-the-road use. If you plan on ordering online, please don’t forget to include one transport kit in your order!!

Tip N' Roll Series Bleachers

The perfect answer to auxiliary seating requirements is Sightlines Athletic Facilities’ Tip N’ Roll bleachers. Tip N’ Roll bleachers can be constructed as our DLW or TSA models. When in use, these units function as ordinary bleachers. After your event or when extra space is needed, simply tip the bleacher onto its 5″ non-marring swivel casters and roll the unit to a safe storage area. All Tip N’ Roll models are supplied with rubber pads under the frames to protect your floors. We also include an exclusive stabilizer bar for the bleacher when it is in the storage position. Order your Tip N’ Roll bleacher online today at Sightlines Bleachers.