Ryan Delaney

I am thrilled to provide a glowing testimonial for Sightlines Athletic Facilities. As the proud recipient of their exceptional services, I can confidently affirm that this company is truly outstanding in every regard.

Our journey with Sightlines began when we embarked on the construction of new bleachers for our brand-new high school stadium in North Baltimore, Ohio. From the initial stages to the final touches, the experience was nothing short of remarkable.

A significant part of our satisfaction can be attributed to our dedicated salesperson, Jeff Giffen. His expertise, attentiveness, and unwavering commitment to our project made all the difference. Jeff guided us through the entire process, offering invaluable insights, addressing our concerns, and ensuring that every detail was accounted for. His proactive approach and exceptional communication skills turned what could have been a daunting endeavor into a smooth and collaborative journey.

Sightlines Athletic Facilities’ attention to detail and commitment to excellence were evident at every step of the way. The construction of the new bleachers exceeded our expectations in terms of quality, design, and functionality. The end result is nothing short of breathtaking, and it has become a source of pride for our school and community.

The entire team at Sightlines demonstrated professionalism and a genuine passion for what they do. Their dedication to delivering top-notch facilities was evident in the craftsmanship and precision that went into every aspect of the project. It’s clear that Sightlines takes immense pride in contributing to the enhancement of athletic environments.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Sightlines Athletic Facilities to anyone seeking to elevate their sports facilities. Their exceptional work ethic, coupled with the expertise of individuals like Jeff Giffen, truly sets them apart. Our experience with Sightlines was beyond satisfying, and we are elated with the results they delivered. Thank you, Sightlines, for making our high school stadium in North Baltimore, Ohio a place where sporting achievements and community pride flourish.

Ryan Delaney

Superintendent North Baltimore Local Schools