Welded Deck

Welded Decking System

The industry standard in decking systems

For permanence and rigidity, the grandstand customer has traditionally turned to concrete to provide the answers. We have a better way. With the welded deck, we offer a system which has the rigidity of a concrete deck and requires no annual maintenance program to protect the surface.

As with all of our raw materials, each piece of the welded deck is received at the factory and subjected to a rigorous quality control inspection. This assures you, the customer, that the materials on your project are exactly per plans and specifications.

Deck seams are machine-welded in a single pass to guarantee the proper penetration and heat so crucial to an aluminum weld. Interlocking connections and grooved hold-down clips all combine to allow the material to expand and contract unhindered without distortion or displacement. Even our riser lip is stitched with structural aluminum rivets. The use of through-bolting or self-threading connections cannot withstand the constant expansion and contraction inherent with aluminum.

We can also install the welded decking system on virtually all of our products from permanent I-Beam grandstands, to custom bleachers and even our standard product line.

Product Advantages

Rigid solid deck that is comparable to concrete.
Does not require the annual maintenance required of concrete.
Proven System. This system has been around since the 1980's.
Eliminates trash build-up commonly found between the footboards of a standard designed grandstand and designed to minimize maintenance.
Eliminates insect infestation, stench, and possibility of fire created with litter and water shields.
Minimizes water leakage.
Slope of 1% directs water and clean-up to the front of the stand.
Reduces the amount of erosion under grandstand caused by standard decking designs.
No oil-canning of the deck as is commonly found in aluminum and steel plate decks.
All-welded is in a controlled factory environment.
All joint sleeve inserts have a structural threshold far spanning comparable closed or interlocking decking systems.
Eliminates rattle commonly found between closed or interlocking decking systems.
Top-side welded seams create a top-side seal, thus eliminating channels or valleys. Prevents water from seeping into concealed crevices that will lead to splitting and cracking of deck members during the freeze/thaw cycle.
Drip edge on riser portion of system creates a shingle effect to push water toward the front of the structure.
Risers are mechanically fastened six inches on center creating a complete structural system. Also eliminates rattle between riser and horizontal deck members caused by heel kicking and foot stomping by spectators.
Designed to give you the option of riser mounted benches and chairs to aid in the cleaning of the grandstand.
All welding are factory cleaned prior to shipment to prevent those non-removeable black water stains.
Normal joint spacing of 37'6" versus the normal concrete joint spacing of 28' and 24' of other welded deck systems.
All fasteners on decking system are concealed. Avoids hole elongation of bolt-through design on aluminum plate deck because of expansion and contraction.
Will not rust unlike galvanized steel plate decks.