About Us

We are SAF

Sightlines Athletic Facilities LLC, founded in 1995 and now based in Crestwood, Kentucky, is the leading supplier of grandstands, bleachers, benches and press boxes for high schools and colleges around the country.  A full-service company with unique products that solve customers’ needs.

Our Tredweld Plus™ Decking System is the first new decking system in the industry in over 20 years with a level of precision not found on any other grandstand, a welded deck that is comparable to concrete decking. Our TSA series bleacher frames are stronger and stiffer than standard bleachers, the Venue I chair is truly unique to the industry, and our press boxes allow us to provide units without sacrificing architectural appeal.

Our online shopping system for our standard product is found at sightlinesbleachers.com. SAF is a resource with the experience and technology to identify and solve those issues that are unique to your project.